Beth Keene, RYT & Ayurveda Consultant, is offering her biannual

CROSSOVER + CLEANSE October 9th-15th.

Beth bio

Transition with the changing season and nurture yourself through the holistic practice of Ayurveda.

This experience offers participants a detoxifying cleanse with the aim of balancing body and mind. Enjoy daily Prana Vinyasa group practices, fresh kitchari cooked each day, Pranayama, daily meditations, and a private Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation with Beth. Community cultivated through shared experience along with the expertise and guidance of Beth culminate in a supportive atmosphere for cleansing. Join Beth and other, like-minded practitioners this fall for a full week of self care and well-being.


For more information, pricing options, and registration, please contact Beth directly by email at or by phone at (706) 820-4253.

About Beth Keene

"Living yoga" is a philosophy created by my teacher SHIVA REA who teaches people to reconnect themselves to the macrocosm universe through a ceremonial yoga practice that is in harmony with seasons, the natural world as well as where we are in our lives from moment to moment. At beKEENE YOGA we provide Living Yoga Programs tailored specifically to your needs. From a weekly yoga hour to daily yoga sessions complete with beginner friendly classes and creative workshops to keep our students progressing on their individual path Think of us as your own private guide on a journey to a deeply joyful life. We are excited about being your friend along the way!

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