class descriptions

Bliss Out
No down dogs, no wrist stress. Enjoy a full body, self massage in this deep stretch (yin/restorative) yoga class. Open and restore ur body. The best part: we probably won’t even stand up the whole time. Just yummy, stretchy goodness.

Movin’ n’ Groovin’
Get your groove on in an up-beat, well balanced solar flow class. Move fluidly from pose to pose. All levels welcome so give ur self time to get comfortable with the poses. Just like anything else it takes a little time to get in the groove, but once u do you won’t be able to get enough.

Blissful Groovin’
Enjoy the best of both worlds in this lunar flow. Half of the class will be yummy, stretchy goodness + the other half will be moving and strengthening. It’s like a green smoothie, delicious and nutritious!

Athletic cross training
Cross training for athletes that provides injury prevention, strength + mental clarity

Donation Yoga Classes
Donation yoga classes are all levels and are in place on our schedule as our act of SEVA or selfless service as yogis to the community. Enjoy a Bliss Out or Blissful Groovin’ style practice in these all level classes.