Effortless Meditation

Twice today i have inadvertently been exposed to Dr. Lad’s teaching on effortless meditation so i thought it might mean i should share his wisdom. ENJOY!

“Meditation needs very little effort. At 7:00 in the morning inrush your teeth, drink a little water and herbal tea and then sit quietly. This much effort is required. But the real meditation is effortless. We are tremendously full of effort. We try to get rid of anger, which is an effort; we we try to get rid of fear, which is an effort. All efforts build stress and that stress diminishes ojas(life juice; vitality). During the day put out your effort but in the evening when you come home from work, practice a moment of effortless awareness. Sit quietly. Just float. That floating state of your mind is the effortless state of awareness through which you will glimpse God.” -Vassant Lad M.A.Sc.

About Beth Keene

"Living yoga" is a philosophy created by my teacher SHIVA REA who teaches people to reconnect themselves to the macrocosm universe through a ceremonial yoga practice that is in harmony with seasons, the natural world as well as where we are in our lives from moment to moment. At beKEENE YOGA we provide Living Yoga Programs tailored specifically to your needs. From a weekly yoga hour to daily yoga sessions complete with beginner friendly classes and creative workshops to keep our students progressing on their individual path Think of us as your own private guide on a journey to a deeply joyful life. We are excited about being your friend along the way!

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