Is private instruction right for you?

Are you new to yoga and not sure you are ready for a group practice?
Do u have special needs, such as injury or illness, that deserve more attention than group atmosphere can provide?
Do you want to learn more about what you are practicing from a knowledgable and experienced instructor?
Do u want a yoga practice tailored specifically to you and your needs?
Have you ever left work early, sat in traffic, raced to the studio only to be turned away for being a few minutes late?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions private instruction is for you!

At beKEENE YOGA we make it our business to cater to you and your needs, and what better way to do that than private instruction! We practice together at the location of your choice and around your schedule. Unlike regular privates that may seem too pricy to be worth your while, we aim to create a long-term relationship with you and anyone you might want to share your private practice with.

Scheduling privateYOGA is this simple:
1. Contact us via text, email, or phone
2. Schedule as many or few classes per week, month etc you might desire. (More classes=lower price)
3. Tell us where to be and when. We don’t care how many people you invite to the practice because it is yours!