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Beth bio

Beth Keene
I was introduced to yoga in 1999, my freshman year of college. I have practiced in dorm rooms, closets, porches and docks; in a tee pee, on mountain tops, and the desert; in Haiti, Europe, and in Mexico; in hotel rooms, with friends, and on friends:); by the ocean, in a hurricane and, most recently, in pregnancy. In good times and bad I have relied on yoga as a means of coping as well as self expression. My practice ebbs and flows and changes over time. This constant evolution is, i believe, the essence of yoga; it mimics our life. When we need it to be, it can be subtle, and when we need powerful, it is there for us just the same.
In my classes, like in my own practice, I strive to guide students to connect with themselves as a microcosm of the macrocosm; to find their own individual flow within each individual moment. I intentionally bring emphasis to breath as a guide for finding alignment, as well as ourselves, in the moment. I feel privileged every time someone gives me the opportunity to share in their journey.
I have studied many different styles of yoga, and with a number of different teachers who have had a great impact that is reflected in my classes. I am excited to be training to become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, and am enjoying the feeling of completeness this new knowledge brings to my classes.
In my free time I enjoy discussion with close friends where we lose ourselves marveling at the beauty of the rhythm of life, and the symphony that is a life well lived. I believe that slow cooking is the root of all healing. I strive for balance and harmony between teaching, practice and family time. I see yoga as a way of life.
I can often be found traveling the world with my husband, Chris or roaming the streets of the ‘noog with my ” little man” Wyatt.



Lori Love
I am certified through 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certification in 2008/VinyasaTeacher Training with Red Stone Yoga – Dolly Stavros; I have been teaching since 1994 and owned my own studio from 2006 to 2010.
I love the full spectrum of yoga, that is, pranayama, asana, mantra, study, meditation. So practicing the asanas, whether rolling out my mat, standing on a mountain top in tree pose, or playing in a meadow in dancer’s pose, simply makes me feel better, happier, more in touch, more connected. It also makes me a better teacher as well as student, in life, in the outer world and inner world. I can breathe better. I get to dive deep into my beingness. I get to see where I’m at, body, mind, spirit. I get to heal.
Most everything I do out in the world has a healing aspect to it. I love serving and helping others. I am a Reiki Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Herbalist, Doula, and Kirtan/Bhakti Musician/Singer. I love to travel, lead workshops, spend time with my beautiful family, grow spiritually, play in nature, and Be In Love.




Lizzy Baldwin
Life’s hardships have taught me to look for meaningful experiences, and this has led me towards yoga. It has taught me how to slow down, reflect, accept, and listen within. I’m attracted to most styles of yoga, embracing their core qualities, but find myself teaching a slower paced class.In effort to create a safe practice, I incorporate cues that help guide students to healthy alignment.
In September of 2015 I completed my 200-hr RYT certification from the Chattanooga Yoga School. I look forward to continuing my journey as a student and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share with others along the way.

Jessica kitchens

Jessica Kitchens
Yoga found me while I was studying at the University of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India. I went to India to expand my educational experience in the pursuit pre-physical therapy requirements while also looking for artistic outlets in dance, sitar, and Hindi. What found me was far greater than I was looking for. I ended up doing the teacher training while I was there, which consisted of a pre-dawn bike ride to the yoga center 6 days a week for three months. It was an eye opening experience that changed my perspective on life, and myself. I discovered that my time on the mat was the vulnerable and beautiful time that I needed to find the wisdom and healing from disordered eating and false self-perception (asmita).
My most recent training has been through Kaoverii Weber of Subtle Yoga out of Asheville, NC where I graduated as a certified Yoga Therapist (500hr). The training included yoga and alternative therapeutic modalities for physical/emotional/mental disorders, chakra work, aging, Thai yoga massage, Ayruveda, anatomy and physiology, and meditation. I was so honored to receive the wisdom from so many incredible teachers, and now I am excited to share!
I don’t have one style that I follow. Classes are the time to explore, to start to learn the one’s own body wisdom. The chance to let go of schedules and obligations and just give ourselves a break to feel free and play!
When I’m not doing yoga, I’m traveling and dancing with the traditional African drum and dance group Mawre and Company, playing sitar, doing mehndi (henna), or studying midwifery under the wonderful Lori Bilbrey.


Aron Grace Aldrich
Yoga is like a wave in my life that brings my spirit up, and is there when my spirit crashes down. Teaching other people a proactive way to face life challenges and clear the foggy vision through movement and breath is pure joy. The poses just become vessels to hold all of our swirling energies, and create spiritual management to enrich our existence together. I have been practicing for 7 years and plan to keep up my practice into my 100′s. I enjoy teaching and always enjoy being a student. I love being a mother to my wonderful boys, Nico and Forrest. Step on the mat with me someday soon!


Jennifer Blair Long
Life is improvisational and without dress rehearsals. That, in short, is why I practice. Curiosity introduced me to yoga initially, but it wasn’t until several years later, (when life as I knew it then was disintegrating all around me,) that I began consistently to practice. I have since completed my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification training, but it is an on-going, ever-evolving process, and I continue this self-study both in the solitude of my mountain home and routinely under the guidance of teachers and peers.
Regularly rolling out my mat has been the most therapeutic, stabilizing thing I have ever done for myself. Yoga simply makes my life better, or perhaps rather, it makes me better, and therefore I can approach life as well-equipped as possible, facing the full spectrum of heartache and hardship and happiness with the best version of myself. The principles that are practiced while on the mat are applicable to life more generally: flexibility, balance, strength, focus, discipline, creativity, relaxation, meditation, self awareness, self-expression, the list goes on… And the more I breathe intentionally while on the mat, the very rhythm of my daily life comes more naturally. And so, yoga keeps me coming back, always for the more.

Yong Oh

Yong Oh
Yong is a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) He obtained a Master of Science in Acupuncture degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, and is a board-certified acupuncturist by the National Certification Commision for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Yong holds licenses to practice in Tennessee and Georgia. His clinical background/experience includes training and practice in both Chinese as well as Japanese styles of acupuncture, experience at a vibrant Chinatown clinic in New York City, and extensive studies at the Wang Ju Yi Center for Clinical Channel Theory Research in Beijing, China. Yong holds a B.S. degree in Biology from Virginia Tech University, and an A.A.S. degree in Graphic Design from the Parsons School of Design. Yong has been practicing acupuncture in Chattanooga since 2006.
In addition to his work with Chinese Medicine, his other primary interests lie in Meditation and Mindfulness practices. He co-teaches the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course at the Center for Mindful Living. He has a daily meditation practice and has attended meditation retreats at Spirit Rock, Insight Meditation Society, Southern Dharma, the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, and at Dharmagiri in South Africa. He has also completed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Mind-Body Medicine, professional training program under the direction of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Saki Santorelli. He is currently serving as a Board member for Southern Dharma Retreat Center in North Carolina. Fore more information, visit:


Beth Simon
I started practicing yoga during a challenging time in my life and fell in love with the practice. Yoga, more than anything in my life, helps me cultivate presence, explore and challenge my mind, body and spirit and above all else, helps me foster a sense of gratitude and peacefulness. I am a registered yoga teacher and completed my 200 hour teaching training program at Yoga Landing in February 2014. When I am off of my mat, I love to spend time outdoors, to hike, to read, to cook, and spend time with family and friends!


Jo Beth Richards Voges
I came to yoga in 2003 and have been hooked ever since. I received my 200-hour RYT training in 2009 through the Asheville Yoga Center and my 300 hour RYT from Shiva Rea’s Saumdra Global Yoga School in 2014.
Yoga is a pathway to so much more than physical freedom. It teaches us to be present on and off the mat, and how to truly love & appreciate ourselves. I believe that yoga is for every one and every body. Join me on the mat as we shine our true selves!
To find out more about yoga & Jo Beth visit her website HYPERLINK “”



Caleb Michalski
I practice yoga because it is the single driving force in my life that re-introduces me to the most authentic version of myself, daily. I began practicing yoga in high school in 2008 as a means of physical relief for my scoliosis, but I have maintained my practice for the way it has enhanced my meditation practice, and it has slowly transformed every aspect of my life.
I teach yin and a vinyasa flow using Ashtanga inspired discipline and structure while using Iyengar alignment principles in order to inspire a safe, structured, yet liquid flow. I am certified by the Yoga Alliance through my 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Landing. I also had the pleasure of studying with David Regelin and Simon Park through workshop intensives.


Joy Taylor
I have lived a very nomadic lifestyle. Living out of my tent or truck is my preferred way of being. With so many parts of my life allowed to be fluid and unrestrained, my yoga practice is my grounding force; And because it grounds me I can be free.
I have been practicing yoga since 2006. I completed my 200 hr training with Banyan Gallagher. Since then I have been pursuing further training and a passion for Acroyoga.

Katya Smith
My introduction to yoga was completely by chance, as I was looking for something to help condition me for an upcoming ski trip. After just one yoga practice I realized I had discovered something much more. I immediately fell in love with the physical and mental aspect of yoga. My fate was sealed!
Now as an instructor, I feel a deep passion for practicing and instruction. Yoga empowers me to find my inner strength both on and off my mat. It helps me live my life with mindfulness and joy, as well as reach a balance of healthy body and peaceful mind. I am honored and overjoyed to share my love of yoga with each and every one of my students.
I am a graduate of University of Tennessee Chattanooga and also hold a 200 hour instructor certification through Yoga Alliance. I live on Signal Mountain and enjoy all my time spent with my husband Kevin and our two children, Olive and Reed. Namaste.

Jeannette Sebes McDonald
Yoga found me in the late 9Os as the stresses of college seeped into my body.  A decade later I found myself in the middle of a physical disintegration that resulted in chronic pain from head to toe.  Fortunately my doctor was smart enough to prescribe yoga and my real journey began.  Years and years of self-study, lots of reading, and asana practice resulted in an inner healing that eased the pain and made it clear that yoga was the medicine I had been searching for.
Coming from a background in Public Health particularly reproductive health, the ability to teach and share yoga with others was a balancing addition.  With a BS in Health Behavior and Education and Masters in Public Health I enjoy blending the ancient wisdom of yoga with today’s lifestyle.  After my first son was born I began my 22O-hour yoga study with Asheville Yoga Center.  I hold additional training in prenatal yoga and in my day-to-day work I am a support educator to pregnant and breastfeeding women.
I view yoga as medicine and I feel honored to be able to help people on their journey to deeper health and healing with yoga practice.  I enjoy teaching mindfulness, breath work and flow asana; intuitively reading my group and giving them what they need from day to day.  Guiding people into a deeper practice and healthier life brings me pure joy and I look forward to sharing that joy.  It’s my goal to bring yoga more emphatically into my day to day life that I share with my husband and two young sons.